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The Carbon Market

Cap-and-Trade system (C&T) Registration

Mandatory reporting of GHG emissions

Emitters must also register to the IQEA (Québec Air Emissions Inventory) online allowing them to file their annual reports for each of their establishments.

Click here for more information on mandatory reporting of certain emissions of contaminants into the atmosphere

Registration of emitters subject to the Regulation respecting the cap-and-trade system for greenhouse gas emission allowances as well as participants wishing to take part in the carbon market’s activities is made via the Compliance Instrument Tracking System Service (CITSS).

In order to be granted emission allowances by the Government of Québec and have the right to trade on the carbon market, businesses must open one or a set of CITSS system accounts.

Each account must have at least two representatives: a Primary Account Representative (PAR)–the main contact for information, and additional Account Representative (AR). In the case of a participating natural person, the latter must be the sole representative on his or her account.

Registration to the C&T system is completed in two steps:

  1. User registration
  2. Opening an account

Updating information in the CITSS system

If you are already registered and wish to update the user profile or information in the CITSS system account, click here.

Cross-jurisdiction user

If you are already registered with the CITSS system of a jurisdiction other than Québec and wish to become an account representative for an entity registered with Québec, complete the Cross-jurisdiction user (PDF, 1.7 MB) form and mail it to the following address:

Carbon Market Division
Ministère de l’Environnement et de la Lutte contre les changements climatiques
675 René Lévesque Blvd. East, 5th Floor, Box. 30
Québec City, QC G1R 5V7

User Registration

In order to gain access to CITSS, emitters that are subject to the Regulation or participating legal entities must initially register individual users who will represent their organization as account representatives.

Participating natural persons must first register as individual users in order to gain access to CITSS, and must be the sole representatives for their accounts.

To register and get a user ID, you must:

  1. Access the CITSS site;
  2. Read and agree to the terms and conditions for using the CITSS system;
  3. Enter the information requested on the registration form directly into the CITSS system;
  4. Print the following three documents generated by the CITSS system:
    • User registration checklist;
    • User registration form that contains the user ID (12 characters);
    • Attestation of Verification of Identity and Designation.
Be sure not to close your Internet browser before you have printed the three documents. In the event of a problem, please contact CITSS Customer Service.
  1. Sign the CITSS system user registration form;
  2. Download the Attestation of verification of identity and designation (PDF, 1,7 MB) form. You should have the form filled out by a director or any other officer if you represent an organization, then have it completed by a lawyer or notary (not a notary public, except if the notary public is also a lawyer), who must then submit it. Be sure to read the instructions and to provide all required information and documentation;
  3. Obtain confirmation from a financial institution located in Canada to the effect that you have a deposit account with it (See sample Financial institution confirmation letter (PDF, 14 KB)) This is part of the proof of identity verification;
  4. Mail all documents to the following address:

Carbon Market Division
Ministère de l’Environnement et de la Lutte contre les changements climatiques
675, René-Lévesque Blvd. East, 5th Floor, Box. 30
Québec City, QC G1R 5V7

Once your online user application has been successfully submitted and all your paper documents have been received, the Québec registrar will analyze the file.

You will not be able to access the CITSS system with your chosen user ID and password until your registration application has been accepted by the registrar.

Once your registration request has been reviewed, you will receive an electronic notice of acceptance of your user registration from the Québec registrar. You will then be able to complete the request to open an account in your name or the name of the emitter or corporate participant you represent.

For additional information about user registration in the CITSS system, see the CITSS User Manual - Volume 1: User registration (PDF, 2.1 MB).

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Opening a CITSS system account

Once at least two users are successfully registered with valid user IDs, an authorized user may proceed to the second step, which consists of submitting an account application on behalf of the emitter or participant. Only one registered user is required in the instance of a participant account application request for a natural person.

To open an account, the user must:

  1. Go to the CITSS system website and begin a session;
  2. Launch the account opening request and enter the requested information directly in the CITSS system;
  3. Print the following two documents generated by the CITSS system:
    • Account application checklist ;
    • Account application with attestations form.
  4. Have the principal account representative sign the account application and attestation form. In the event the account is opened on behalf of a business, this form must also be signed by any other account representative, as well as by a director or other officer. A resolution from the company’s board of directors may be submitted in lieu of the signature of a director or other officer;
  5. Complete the Structure and Business Relationships Disclosure Form (PDF, 1,6 MB). Once complete, print it and have an account representative sign it;
  6. Mail all documents to the following address:

Carbon Market Division
Ministère de l’Environnement et de la Lutte contre les changements climatiques
675, René-Lévesque Blvd. East, 5th Floor, Box 30
Québec City, QC G1R 5V7

If you would like to provide the Structure and Business Relationships Disclosure Form into an electronic format:

You must have access to the secure file transfer platform of the Québec Carbon Market Division. To obtain access, please contact the C&T Registrar at 418-521-3868, ext. 7074, or 1-800-561-1616, ext. 7074, or send an email to

Please note that email is not a secure method for communicating confidential or personal information. Never submit this form by email.

Once your online application request has been submitted and the corresponding printed documents have been received, your application will be processed by the Quebec cap-and-trade system registrar.

After your application request has been approved by the registrar, the appropriate accounts will be created and will appear within CITSS on the home page of users who have been designated as principal account representatives or alternate account representatives.

For additional information about account opening and management, see the CITSS User Manual - Volume 3: Account opening (PDF, 2,7 MB)

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