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Climate Municipalities Program—Phase 2

The third and final call for projects is now open! You have until July 24, 2020 (until noon), to submit your pilot projects!

The Climate Municipalities Program—Phase 2 (CM-2) supports municipal action to fight climate change.

A budget of $40M has been set aside until December 31, 2020 for municipal use, providing applicants with the means to implement innovative greenhouse gas (GHG) emission reduction and adaptation to climate change projects. These projects will allow Québec municipalities to pursue their transition to a resilient environment and help develop the low-carbon economy.

Climate Municipalities—Phase 2 will also do the following:

  • Bolster social innovation through solutions based on dialogue with and participation of community actors
  • Facilitate the emergence of concrete solutions that can be replicated in other communities in order to create a rising movement throughout all regions of Québec.

Climate Municipalities—Phase 2 has two parts:

Part 1—Analyses and/or studies
A budget of $5M has been apportioned for analyses and/or studies aimed at documenting the conditions required to carry out reduction and adaptation projects.

Per-project maximum funding is $50,000. Project submission for Part 1 is not time-specific. Once the annual budget has been spent, applicants will be notified when submission time reopens.

Municipalities can apply to and be considered for Part 1 funding for analysis and/or study projects while budget funds remain available.

Part 2—Pilot Projects
A budget of $35M has been apportioned for pilot project experimental technology (green infrastructure, resiliency improvements and green technology) and/or social innovation aimed at fighting climate change.

Per-project maximum funding is one million dollars. Projects will be considered in three call-for-project periods.

The third Part 2 call for projects is now open.

Municipal bodies have until noon on July 24, 2020 to submit funding applications for their Pilot Projects.


Pilot projects centred on social and/or technical innovation

The program seeks to support the implementation of pilot projects that have a technical component and/or that include a social innovation process, meaning one that relies on the co-operation of local actors to help define a solution to the problem at issue.

The specific goal of support for pilot projects is to foster solution experimentations and identify daring pathways that will be implemented by and for the community. In addition to ensuring community engagement, this process is the most efficient for developing sustainable and viable solutions.

Projects that include a technical component will enable testing out green infrastructure, resilient landscaping and green technology, with the intent of reducing GHG emissions and/or adapting to climate change.


Numerous sectors of activity are involved

The fight against climate change is not only of concern to environmental professionals. The negative impact of climate variation is felt across-the-board and, as such, projects funded by the program take multiple forms and are carried out by municipalities in a variety of sectors of activity. For example, Climate Municipalities—Phase 2 could provide funding for the following types of projects:

  • Green infrastructure development
  • Food resiliency in a northern context
  • Shared-use thoroughfares and/or other urban planning projects fostering sustainable mobility
  • Renovation and/or modernization of municipal assets to improve weather resistance
  • Reduction of organic residue sent for disposal through reduction at source or the development of the circular economy
  • Creation and preservation of ecosystems and biodiversity sanctuaries in a climate change context


Municipalities are front-line actors in the fight against climate change

As the local government, municipalities play a crucial role in the fight against climate change. They have direct impact on numerous high-emission sectors, as well as on the lifestyles of their residents. As such, they are best positioned to implement concrete measures that seek to reduce GHG emissions and achieve community adaptation to climate change.

This program aims to support inspiring and replicable projects that can immediately strengthen the resiliency of our towns and cities and help Québec transition to a low-carbon economy.


The tools needed to begin the work

If you do not possess a GHG emission inventory or a reduction and/or adaptation plan, a number of tools are available (French) to help you take the required steps


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Contact us

For more information on the Climats Municipalities Program—Phase 2, contact us by calling 418-521-3878, ext. 7660 or send an email to

Climats Municipalities—Phase 2 fits into Priority 2 of the 2013-2020 Climate Change Action Plan, also known as the PACC 2013-2020, whose aim is to support municipal and other community initiatives in the areas of greenhouse gas reduction, adaptation to climate change and sustainable landscaping.