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On-line Services

clicSÉQUR, the government’s identity authentication service

What is clicSÉQUR and who is this service intended for?

ClicSÉQUR is a tool developed by the government that enables access to various electronic online services provided by participating government ministries and other bodies, including the Ministère by means of a user code and a password.

Due to the fact that some electronic services are intended for business, while others are meant for private individuals, the following two types of user profiles have been developed:

  • Businesses, self-employed workers, institutions, corporations, partnerships, government authorities and any other legal entities that wish to use online services made available by various participating ministries and other bodies
  • Individuals that wish to use online services made available for private persons or citizens by various participating ministries and other bodies

Two portals enable access to online services provided by ministries and other bodies: clicSÉQUR – Businesses and clicSÉQUR – Citizens. The online service that is selected determines which portal is used to register.

The only service provided by the MDDELCC through the clicSÉQUR – Citizens portal is the application for a pesticide certificate, as this service is intended for individuals, not businesses.

However, the Phosphorous Report, Annual Pesticide Sales Report, Greenhouse Gas Emissions, Water Withdrawal Management and Québec Air Emission Inventory features are all located in the clicSÉQUR – Businesses portal, since these services are meant for businesses.

Note: User codes, passwords and registration and access steps for ClicSÉQUR – Businesses are different from those that apply to clicSÉQUR – Citizens.

Create a clicSÉQUR account for a business

Notice to businesses that registered for Clic Revenu online services prior to November, 2007
The first time these businesses visit the ClicSÉQUR – Businesses portal they will be automatically redirected to a page where they will need to agree to clicSÉQUR user terms and conditions. They will then be able to download the LEW-4 form that must be signed and sent to Revenu Québec. Once the form has been received and processed by Revenu Québec, the individual responsible for electronic services at the business in question will be able to register it for services provided by the Ministère.

In order for your business to be able to use the online services of the Ministère, it must:

  1. Register with clicSÉQUR-Businesses;
  2. Activate its user code and password;
  3. Register for the online services of MDDELCC

1. Registering with clicSÉQUR-Businesses

This is the first step that must be taken. Registering with clicSÉQUR-Businesses takes approximately ten minutes; the registration procedure varies slightly according to the legal form of your business and the information that Revenu Québec already has on it.

To proceed with the registration of your business with clicSÉQUR-Businesses or to obtain information concerning the registration procedure, you must access the page of Revenu Québec reserved for this purpose and click on the “Access Service” button located in the centre of the page, under “Registering a Business with clicSÉQUR”.

Inscription d'une entreprise à clicSÉQUR

2. The activation of the user code and password

Once the registration has been completed, the user code and the password will have to be activated by a Revenu Québec employee. He will confirm the activation to the authorized representative of the business by telephone or by email.

Hence, you have no action to take at this step. However, to accelerate the process, the representative of the business may contact the technical assistance service of Revenu Québec at 1 866 423-3234. A clerk will then proceed with the verification of the representative’s identity using two secrets shared (for example, the last two amounts paid by the business for the payment of the QST, the six-digit access code associated with the tax return of the business or an invitation number provided beforehand by Revenu Québec, etc.), then will active the user code and the password of the representative of the electronic services of the business.

3. Registering of the online services of Ministère

Once the user code and password have been activated, the individual responsible for electronic services at the business in question will be able to register it for services provided by the Ministère.

Here is the procedure that must be followed:

  1. Go to the Services Québec Web site
  2. Log on with the user code and password
  3. Click on “Register for electronic services”
  4. Select “Environnement et Lutte contre les changements climatiques”
  5. Click on “Register,” answer the questions and provide any other required registration information

Within a maximum period of 24 hours, the person in charge of electronic services will receive a secure email from clicSÉQUR informing him of his registration for the online services of Miistère.

Once the registration for online services has been activated, only the individual that is responsible for electronic services at the business in question is authorized to access the online services intended for businesses on the Web site of the Ministère, by entering the appropriate user name and password.

If that individual wishes to designate other persons within the business as users of the services, the following steps must be taken:

  1. Create a new account for each new user
  2. Prepare a proxy
  3. Assign the proxy to each of the new users

For more information on the above three points and step-by-step instructions, the person in charge of electronic services can call the Revenu Québec Technical Support line: 1-866-423-3234, where an agent will be pleased to assist. Information and assistance in regard to using the following choices in the “User management” menu is also available at this number.

  • Managing user files
  • Creating a user file
  • Modifying a user file
  • Consulting a user file
  • Suspending a user file
  • Reactivating a user file
  • Cancelling a user file
  • Changing a user password
  • Managing clicSÉQUR proxies
  • Consulting or cancelling an assignment
Online services of MDDELCC intended for businesses and requiring a clicSÉQUR  account - Businesses
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Create a clicSÉQUR account for a citizen

To create a clicSÉQUR account, you will notably have to provide:

  • Your social insurance number;
  • your Revenu Québec access code (unique number, made up of six digits, attributed annually by Revenu Québec to an individual who files his tax return). If you do not know your Revenu Québec access code, you can obtain it, when creating your clicSÉQUR–Citizens account, by clicking on the hyperlink "Ask for it!" You will have to provide personal information, including the total income entered on line 199 of your last tax return;
  • your notice of assessment number: a number made up of eleven characters (letters or digits) that appears on the notice of assessment that you received in response to your tax return.

To ensure the security of your personal information when creating your clicSÉQUR account, you will have to choose an image, a personal phrase as well as four security questions with which you must associate an answer.

The creation of a clicSÉQUR-Citizens account may take from 10 to 20 minutes. The number of steps and the time required to register depends on the nature of the services to which you wish to have access. This length of time also depends on your degree of familiarity with the technologies and the processes inherent to the Internet.
When creating your clicSÉQUR-Citizens account, you can benefit from the customer service offered by the clicSÉQUR team. An online assistance tool is also available by clicking on the pictogram in the form of a question mark in the page menu.

At the end of the creation of your clicSÉQUR-Citizens account, the clicSÉQUR will send the confirmation of your registration by email mentioning that your account is now active.  

To create a clicSÉQUR-Citizens account, go to the website of the Ministère and on the page of the online service you wish to sign up for, click on the "Accessing the service" button.

Signing up for the online services of Ministère

Once you have created you clicSÉQUR–Citizens account, you will be automatically directed to the Department’s online services. You can access all of the services that use clicSÉQUR and that are intended for individuals, by using your user code and password. You will also have to answer one of the four security questions that you chose at the time of the creation of your clicSÉQUR account. 

Online services of MDDELCC requiring a clicSÉQUR-Citizens account
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